Playboy Playmate of the Month Patty Duffek Fan Questions and Answers
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patty duffek playboy playmate of the month may 1984

Proudly Presents:

May 1984
Playboy Playmate
Patty Duffek

patty duffek playboy playmate of the month may 1984


1. Lew would like to know if you would to work with him in creating your own domain as he has done with other playmates? If you would like an e-mail link, post bio/FAQ info, and post some pics, he would be happy to work with you on it?

I'll leave the domain names, websites, etc up to whomever does them. I'm not an internet buff and you guys certainly have more photos of Patty Duffek than I do! (haha)

2. Bert would like to know where your centerfold was shot at?

It was shot at a house/property on the end of a culdesac in Southern CA. in March(chilly too) and I was sitting on the front steps! The clothing(what little of it I wore) came from a costume shop.

3. Bert also asks was it shot in a studio or on a real porch?

It was a real porch on a house at the end of a culdesac in Southern CA. and about 800 shots were taken (only 42 survived I was told) between 1am and 2pm all in one day! Some guys were hired by the homeowner to paint the house at the same time so the Painters got a full-view of me while I was being photographed~. The photos were taken out in the open with some of the crew watching out for onlookers, etc. but we had permission to be there of course. (Rich older couple owned the place and knew Arney)

4. Bert: How long did it take to shoot it?

Four hours! I had fun though. The one where I am laying prone across a chair and looking toward light coming thru a window, two painters were looking in at me from the window and I winked at them(you can almost tell in the photo!)

5. Bert: Were you injured during your performance in the Playmate Playoffs?

Not badly...hehehe. Roberta Vasquez got hammered on the backside during a fall though.

6. Bert: What is that on your right breast (in a photo I will send shortly)?

A sunbeam or something else? I can't tell.....maybe sun!

7. Moffo1 would like to know if there is any chance of you posing for Playboy again in the future?

Nope, sorry! Unless I get called back for an 80's "reunion" issue or something, it's over.....plenty of new and younger ladies available and willing to pose for PB!

8. Jack: The Playmate Book mentions that you were married. Are you still?

Nope! :)

9. Jack: If you were 20 again, would you pose again for Playboy in 2005 despite all of the internet exposure?

Yes, I would do it again! I enjoyed my Playboy time greatly but it's in the past....a fond memory that I would gladly re-live if I was 20 again.

10. Brent would like to know if you remember an old childhood friend of yours, who later became his girlfriend, Patty Ferentheil? Have you stayed in touch with her? He also hopes you make a return appearance in Playboy.

Nope, don't recall that name but then again I'm often bad with remembering names. I remember a lot of my friends moving when I was a kid.

11. Dale had astrological charts if past lives made for you. If interested, how would I forward them to you?

No thanks......

12. Don would like to know if you plan to attend any more Glamourcons and could he contact you to for a few more photos? Can he still contact you at the same address he used a few years ago? And Don thinks you're still the greatest!

I am not going to do Glamourcon this year but who knows what 2006 holds. I did a Convention in Atlanta last year and hooked up with my favorite Fiction Writer there. Fun, but Conventions take a lot of planning and travel as well as $$$ :)

Thanks for the vote of confidence Don. Good to hear from Fans of my Centerfold after 20 years have passed! Kisses to you all........